Microgrid Control System

Shipstone has developed a unique Microgrid control system that seamlessly allows integration of mixed renewable energy sources into diesel microgrids.  There is no limit to the depth of penetration.  For example if median community load is 400kW,  4MW of solar can be integrated with storage to provide enough power to go solar day and part of the night – or 4MW of solar with 2 MW of wind to go day and night summer and winter.

The Shipstone difference is managing the mixing of power.

Shipstone’s solutions are patented, and offer superior performance at a better price point than anyone else.

Isothermal Gas Expansion System

Shipstone has developed and demonstrated isothermal gas expansion with unmatched performance.

One way isothermal efficiency of over 95% at power levels of over 100kW per unit already demonstrated.  Round trip efficiency of over 75%.

A new approach to recovering energy without paying carbon tax – applicable to gas plants, and any process where high pressure gas infrastructure is already in play.


Work With Us

Shipstone has assembled a multi-disciplinary team capable of supporting new technology demonstration relating to the integration of storage to enable higher penetration levels of renewable resources

Shipstone ‘s technologies have been demonstrated with partial support from SDTC.

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