Who We Are

We are a Canadian green technology corporation focused on the development of energy storage and the integration of renewable energy sources into remote community power systems, and in industrial settings reliant on diesel generators for power supply.

We are working with First Nations communities across Canada to bring clean, reliable power to their remote locations.

We are also working with Natural Gas providers in Alberta to generate usable electricity from currently-wasted pressure drops that are part of their existing infrastructure.

We believe in a cleaner, brighter future.



Microgrid Solutions

With Shipstone's microgrid technology, intermittent renewable energy sources like wind and solar can be smoothly integrated into microgrid power systems to provide clean and reliable energy for remote communities and in isolated industrial settings.


Quasi-Isothermal Expander

With our quasi-isothermal expander, the pressure energy naturally present in natural gas formations is harnessed and converted to clean, usable electricity.

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